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Why choose a Certified Roofing Contractor

When entering into a Contract to install a new roof replacement installation. You should consider whether the contractor is certified to install the new shingle on your home. 

A certified contractor goes through a rigorous evaluation by the shingle manufacturer on their length of time in business, liability insurance coverage and W.S.I.B clearance certificates.

All of these enable the home owner to have confidence in selecting a roof replacement contractor that uses only the best in roofing materials to secure their home from wind, rain and extreme elements found in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area.

At Redbear Roofing we are approved to perform all Building Products of Canada Installations and have met their criteria for best in practice installations.

Our attention to detail informs the home owner of the best way to keep their home weather tight for years to come and our catalog of shingle designs and colours will enhance the look and overall appeal of your home.

BP's new "weather tite" technology is designed with the Canadian home owner in mind. With their shingles are designed with an extra layer of tar strip protection that binds to the overlapping shingle keeping your home roofing shingle safe from water penetration, ice damage and premature shingle curling and cracking. 

Certification ensures lifetime protection.

Once your home has been evaluated for a new roof. We will explain the different roofing warranty protection options you can choose from to safeguard your home. 

All our installations come complete with a 15 year workmanship warranty and 50 year manufacturers guarantee.

The manufacturer offers two warranty options based on the home owners specific requirements;

  • 50 Year pro-rated means your home is fully warrantied for the first 15 years and then reduces after the 16 year by a percentage of the overall purchase price before tax.
  • 50 Year non-pro-rated means your home is completely warrantied for the full 50 years.

Both warranties are transferrable once upon sale of home.

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