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Looking for that new home but undecided weather to purchase?

A Home inspection can alleviate the headaches of wondering how much your going to spend in repairs and renovation costs.

Choosing a certified, experienced contractor to perform the evaluation means knowing what your home will cost in the short and long term. 

Did you know that on average a proper home inspection will give you the detailed information to make a informed choice on your next home.

All inspection reports come with an overall appraisal of home requirements now and in the future. 


Most home inspectors do not have the W.S.I.B. clearance certificates to climb on your roof and inspect for shingle wear and potential leakage. At Redbear we have the necessary tools to give you the feedback required on roof shingle life expectancy and attic issues such as mould, mildew and weakened trusses, plywood and rafters.


Over time windows lose their ability to prevent cold air from entering the home. This heat loss is a very important factor in purchasing a home. Using thermal imaging identifies areas of the window that may drive up heating cost or potential window replacement. A typical home may incur costs of over $20,000 in window replacement installation. Redbear home inspections will provide you with a detailed evaluation of windows and potential costs in replacement.

Moisture and Mould;

Buying a home without checking for mould is tantamount to throwing money away. Mould can grow behind drywall and in corners unseen by the naked eye. These issues can cost thousand in unwanted repairs. Moisture checks can inform the potential homeowner of problems the existing home owner may have tried to cover up to sell the home. 

Kitchens and Bathrooms;

As a home ages the areas of the home we use the most are the Kitchen and bathroom. These areas need to be examined closely for leaks and unseen damage. Bathtubs will sag over time pulling on and opening up seams allowing water to pool in subfloors and other un-noticed areas. Kitchen counter tops and sinks can also pull away from walls allowing water and waste to pool and grow mould. An expert inspection provide you with "peace of mind".

We advise every customer to narrow their choice down to 2 or 3 homes before calling us to inspect. A detailed inspection will provide you with potential costs up front and cost you will incur over the years. 

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