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Redbear Contractors does not hire Sub-Contractors. All employees are trained and and hired in house. This means no rushed jobs and attention to detail in every roofing or exterior installation.

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​​​​​​​​​Your Home Roof Replacement Professionals: 

Redbear Roofing Contractors- We build trust through workmanship


When deciding on a roof replacement  you require a (customer focused) contractor that provides a quality assured installation and service excellence that meets all your expectations.

At Redbear Roofing we endeavour to meet all your needs in re-roofing by delivering to each and every customer a comprehensive material checklist of roofing materials and shingles that will beautify, enhance and protect your home for years to come.

Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed for up to 20 years.

This "peace of mind" means your choosing the best in roofing installation with a company that backs up their work.

A complete examination of your roof includes checking all aspects of your roofing system and attic, including trusses, rafters and plywood to ensure no seams or cracks are allowing water to penetrate your home causing unwanted mould and mildew to form. 

Redbear Contractors is a Certified Master Builder Roofing Company offering a 50 year non-pro-rated manufacturers warranty that is completely transferrable upon sale of your home. 

Our Roofing Features and Benefits :

  • Exceptional Roofing Value - Material based pricing - Ask about promotions and special deals
  • Enhancing Your Homes Look - Attention to defining the right coloured shingle will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your your home. Our home re-roofing evaluators will look a the contrast in your brickwork or siding to determine the right choice in shingle colour and style.
  • Safety First- All our roofers are Insured against injury on the job. Protective equipment is used on every installation and all roofers employed by Redbear have obtained the "new" working at heights certificate.
  • Choice of Options - Our catalog of designs and colours will help you make informed buying decisions and create an improved and unique look. Our specialist will help guide you in the shingle selection and roofing material process.
  • Complete "peace of mind" - Our installation is guaranteed to withstand 190 kilometre winds and protect your home from the extreme weather conditions found in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge Area.
  • "Weather tite" technology - BP roofing shingles have two layers of tar strip protection, (all other shingle brands only have one). This second layer bonds the shingles together for maximum adherence, preventing wind, rain and ice from penetrating your roof deck.


Exclusive Warranties - Tailored around YOU the customer. 


  1. ​​Value Plus - New colour defined roofing shingle, starter strip shingles, weather-max capping, new vents, plumbers boots and ice and water protection. 20 year workmanship warranty. Great for people on a budget.
  2. Total Plus - New colour defined roofing shingle, starter strip shingles, weather-max capping, new and added ventilation, plumbers boots, Ice and water protection, rhino roofing underlayment, entire roof deck drip edge. 15 year workmanship, 50 year manufacturers pro-rated warranty.
  3. Premium - New colour defined roofing shingles, starter strip shingles, Premium capping, new and additional ventilation or snow country ridge vents, plumbers boots, ice and water protection, breathable underlayment, entire roof deck drip edge, metal valleys. 15 year workmanship, BP Certified 50 year non-pro-rated warranty.


A Signed Agreement - Once you have reviewed your estimate and found that it meets your requirements for re-roofing your specialist will review all aspects before you sign. Once contract is signed we will endeavour to provide you with an approximate time of installation. This installation time is based on weather conditions.

The Ontario provincial law states that all signed contracts allow for a 10 day cooling of period. 


Roof Repair:

A damaged roof can cost thousands of dollars in interior repairs, if water penetrates your roof deck.

Water penetration can lead to mould and mildew in your attic insulation, plywood, trusses, rafters and internal drywall. 

Let us evaluate your roofing issues and find a solution that will fix the problem right away.


Common roofing problems we can resolve quick and fast.

  • Ice damming
  • Shingle Blow off
  • Curled shingles
  • Worn, Cracked or Damaged Shingles
  • No underlayment from initial installation of shingle
  • No Ice and water protection from initial installation of shingle
  • Improper roofing installation
  • High nails or low nails in shingle from initial installation
  • Leaking roof vents
  • Leaking plumbers boots
  • Damage caused by old heat vents


All our Installers are W.S.I.B. Insured with 2,000,000 Liabilty Insurance. Redbear Contractors also carries a Master Builder Repair Licence for all Home Renovation Work and Is a Certified Building Products of Canada installer.