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" I had a Leak in my Roof and Called Redbear Contractors to come and give me a estimate to repair. 

Jeff came to my house and did a complete check outside and inside my attic to see where the problem was.

He showed me pictures he had taken of my attic and the leak that was caused by worn and broken shingles. The original installer of my roof did not use any underlayment under my shingles so there was  

no protection against wind and rain.

​His evaluation of my roof convinced me to install a new GAF Timberline HD Shingle with a warranty that will last 50 years. I am so pleased I called them and would highly recommend their service. Very Professional.

Thanks Elizabeth Bennett Kitchener, Ontario

" I had a problem with my Garage Roof, the snow would accumulate and not go away, it caused water to leak inside my garage when the snow melted. I called Redbear Contractors to check why this was happening.

Jeff came out to look and found that my garage roof was too flat. He advised me to replace my roof shingle and install a different type of material called Rhino Roofing Underlayment on my roof deck. This material would stop the water from penetrating through my plywood and stop the leak.

He explained that this was my best cost effective solution to the problem, alternatively I could opt to change the pitch of my entire garage which would cost considerably more.

Since the installation I have had no issues with my garage roof. 

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When it is time to replace your roof. Workmanship and a Warranty are job one. You need a professional installation that will Stand up to extreme weather conditions found in the Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding areas.

At Redbear Contractors our professional advisors will take you through the process of selecting a new roofing system that will Protect, Guard and Enhance the look of your home.

With a Guaranteed 15 year 100% Workmanship Warranty and a Manufacturer's Warranty of 50 years Pro-rated or 50 Years Non Pro-rated you can choose a shingle design that best suits your requirements for re-roofing.

Job number one is in the initial Inspection :

  • Our Thermal Imaging Technology will look for air leaks and overheating in your attic. This procedure evaluates the correct installation requirements and Insulation R-Value to guard your attic trusses, rafters and ply-wood from mould, moisture and unwanted heat retention.
  • Exact square footage and attic temperature differential will allow us to calculate the correct ventilation requirements of your new roof. (over heating your attic will cause shingles to prematurely curl)
  • Ice and water shield requirements. A protective sticky membrane installed three feet up from drip edge. (low pitched roofs will require an extra layer of protection)
  • Metal Valleys (enhance the look and remove water without damaging shingle)
  • Rhino roofing Underlayment. A synthetic wrap covering the entire roof above the ice and water shield.
  • Drip edge. A metal guard installed above the fascia metal to prevent ice and water backing up in bad weather. 

Note to customer :

50 year non-prorated warranties require open soffit ventilation around entire home.