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Roof repairs are critical in preventing interior damage to your home

Found shingles on the ground? 

You need quick and expert roof repair that will make your home water tight again.

Over time a shingle deteriorates and loses its ability to hold to your roof. A weakening shingle that is exposed to the weather elements will curl, crack and eventually blow off. If this is the your case your roof deck plywood is exposed and may cause damaged to your interior trusses, rafters and ceilings. Your shingles will need to be replaced immediately to prevent water from entering your home.

In most cases we will be able resolve your roofing issues that same day. Here are a few solutions to help you the customer understand our methods in repair.

Roof Leaks

A leaking roof can cause thousands in interior damage. Our team of professionals will give you the "peace of mind" you need in making your home or business water tight again. We pride ourselves in providing each and every customer a rapid response to interior water damage.

Shingle Blow off

​Three-Tab shingles are prone to blow off. The reason for this is the way the shingle is made. The roofing shingle is lighter in weight and contains less of the granules used in a architectural shingle. This means over time the granules wash off, making the shingle lighter in weight. This make the shingle prone to wind, sun and rain damage.

A quick repair would mean replacing and matching the shingles that have blown off and sealing the surrounding areas.

Note to customer;

This method will prevent water penetration but is only a temporary fix. The age of the shingle will determine if the whole roof will need replacing. Your professional at Redbear will evaluate at the time and advise the best way forward. 


Our quick response to roof repair will ensure your home is safe from the elements. Our Insured W.S.I.B roofers carry a selection of shingles that will colour match your roof. Call 519-260-0403

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Roof Tarps or Canopy Coverings

In cases where the weather prevents us from repairing a roof. A tarp is the best temporary solution. Depending on the extent of the damage. We carry tarps in different sizes to cover any roof. Once installed you will have peace of mind that your home is protected.


Flat Roof Repair :


A flat rubber roof will open up seams over time and allow water to penetrate through to your home. Flat roof repair is ideally done in weather conditions above 10 degrees. If suspect that your flat roof may have water seeping in, a temporary tarp is the best way to guard your home until the weather changes.

Wind Damage:

In most cases your home insurance will cover high wind damage to your roofing shingle. In order to make a claim you should first contact your Insurance company to have an inspector look at the roof.

If you are unsure if wind has caused this damage have us inspect the roof first and give you a written estimate of repair costs.

Roof Snow Removal :

​Excess snow puts excessive weight on your roof and can clog roofing vents. This can result in humid air mixing to form mould in your attic plywood and insulation. To prevent this from happening have your roof cleared of snow and ice.

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