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Roofers, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Hamilton

Roofers and Re-roofing your Home

An experienced roofer knows when your home needs extra protection and care to detail. At Redbear our roofers have the experience and wisdom to communicate all potential unseen problems and enhancements they find when undertaking your project. The pitch and style make our approach to installation different. Some roofs require flashing gaurds, metal valleys, extra ice and water, more ventilation, new plywood and more. When we install a new roof we ensure that your job meets our standards of customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfation

Design quality and aesthetic appeal is what you will find when hiring Redbear Contractors. Our statiscal process control will allow for a seamless transition from old to new shingle. A project manager is available from start to finish to ensure we correctly address all issues and concerns. When problems do occur we effectively communicate with home owner key ways to resolve and correct. If you do have specific requirements for your project don't hestitate to ask. Our project manager will take you through our detailed catalog on different styles, colours and options available, including warranty protection.

Warranty Protection

Warranties come with a 15 year 100% iron clad guarantee and a manufacturers warranty of 50 year Pro-rated or 50 year Non-prorated. Ask your roofing specialist for more details on specific requirements for Non-pro-rated guarantees.


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