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When you are undertaking a new project in your home, either a renovation project or you are attempting to fix or repair an existing problem caused by age of equipment or weathering to the exterior of your home, the first thing you ask yourself is "how much is this going to cost"

A Qualified Home Service Expert will evaluate your roofing, renovation or remodelling project, endeavouring to satisfy your needs, on time and on budget. He will explain in detail what you need, attempting to tick each box, (your wants and needs list), concentrating on your specific requirements for improving your home.

When your wants and needs list is compiled, a Home Service Expert will then start cropping off some of the items you may not require or need. This is called tailoring around the customer and concentrates on what is realistic to your home renovation.

Example 2 : Linda is having an issue with her roof, her shingles are curling and she doesn't think the roof will last another winter.

The Home Service Expert checks the deterioration of the roofing shingle and affirms (with pictures) that the shingles need to be replaced. He then accurately measures her home determining pitch angle, bundle count and capping required , including starter strip shingles and ice and water shielding. He also explains (with pictures) that when the roof was initially installed, no underlayment or drip edge was installed and that the temperature differential from outdoor to attic exceeds 10 degrees - and that this in-part was the cause of premature curling of the roof shingles. This customer is now satisfied by a concentrated effort to resolve her problem. Improving the attic ventilation and laying down the proper protection under her new shingles will make her home safe and protect her investment.

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