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There are many Different Roofing Styles in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge.

The Architecture of your Roofwill determine how we understand Your Roofing Job. The Roofers Labour Element and the materials required to protect your roof.

There Are 12 Different Architectural Styles although terminology does vary somewhat. Our Roofers are qualified to install all of the below mentioned roofs :

  1. Flat - Usually Quoted for Rubber or Rolled Roofing
  2. Salt Box - Normally a 4/12 -5/12 Pitch, May be Shingled, May need Full Ice and Water Protection
  3. Hip - Normally 6/12 Pitch and Above (might be call Pie Shaped, as the Roof is Separated by Ridge Capping)
  4. Gable - a Triangular Section of yourRoof
  5. Gambrel - Two Different Roofing Angles, normally called Barn Style Roofs
  6. Mansard - Or Curbed Roofing has four sides separated by Roof Capping. 
  7. Pyramid - Has no Gables or other Vertical Sides
  8. Cross Gable -A Single Storey House with Three Gables
  9. Conical - Cone Shaped Roofing (Very Challenging Project)
  10. Hip and Gable - Comprise a Hip Roof that Slopes Down Into a Gable Roof
  11. Shed - Or Lean-to. Only having one slope
  12. Hip with Cross Gables - The result in joining two or more Gabled Roof Sections together, sometimes referred to as Dutch Gable.
  • Mechanicals are things like Bathroom Vents, Roof Deck Venting, Plumbers Stack
  • Roof Angle (pitch) is expressed as a rise/run fraction over 12 e.g. 3/12 
  • A Dormer is an Extension of part of the roof that usually allows for a vertical window
  • A Cornice is any overhanging part of your Roof
  • Fascia is the outward-facing edge of the Cornice

Roofing Materials are ordered based on the above mentioned styles.

The Following is a rough guide to understanding What Roof Style you Have.