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Why does your roof need replacing so soon? 

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Over time the asphalt and fibreglass that once held the shingle together breaks down, causing the shingle to lose its integrity and weight. This weight reduction will allow the roofing shingle to become loose and tear off.

This is caused by a numerous amount of variables including inadequate ventilation.

A poorly ventilated house means the shingle expansion is greater than the manufacturers specifications. This expansion pulls the asphalt apart and the rain washes away the particles and makes the shingle lighter making the roof shingle lighter and curl.

A three tab shingle is the most common cause of premature breakdown and this deterioration is usually attributed to three factors:

  1. It is the new-home builders choice of shingle because of its low cost of installation and almost non existent warranty
  2. The builder does not use any underlayment to protect against water penetrating your roofing shingle - shingles expand and contract with temperature change and with no underlayment your home is prone water penetration into the plywood. Once moist, your plywood will bow, opening seams and allowing water to flow into your attic.
  3. Inadequate ventilation will exacerbate the problem - The outdoor temperature to indoor attic temperature should be within 10 degrees. On new-home builds it is common for the contracted roofer to install the minimum requirement for ventilation on your roof. In hot temperatures the attic will not vent correctly, allowing excess heat to build up. This build up of heat will expand the roof shingle to its maximum tolerance and when contracting back in cold weather will not settle back to original installed place. This constant expansion and contraction without proper ventilation is the cause of cracking, curling and the inevitable shingle blow off.
  4. Poor Installation is the case in most re-roofing installations. Anytime you have one section of your roof tying in to another, your home requires step flashing and a protective layer of ice and water membrane. These areas are prone to leak over time and if this is your first roof replacement your home has received. The odds are that the initial installation did not include this flashing or membrane.


A bundle of three tab shingles weighs around 50 pounds as compared to a bundle ofBP Shingles which weighs 80 pounds. More weight means the shingle will hold tight to the roof deck, combine this with an exact square footage measurement for proper attic ventilation and a complete installation of roof deck underlayment and you have a roof that will stand the test of time.

When re-roofing your home we provide a seamless transition from old to new. This demands effective communication on all aspects of the project. 

We pride ourselves on effective communication. 

"We keep you informed on all aspects of your roofing project"

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