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Siding, Eaves and Exterior Replacement

Best Of TrustedPros.ca 2014
Best Of TrustedPros.ca 2014

Exterior Vinyl Siding

All of our siding is designed to be both functional and appealing to enhance the exterior look of your home. 

With a selection of design and colour options tailored to fit any home we will custom fit premium siding to your liking.

Our expert home re-modelling advisor's will guide through the necessary stages from start to finish, whilst giving you complete control of colour and design.

We fabricate custom made widow flashing and J-mold on site, so each job has that personal touch and expert workmanship.

Strapping and Insulation

Securing siding and improving insulation to your exterior is important in prolonging the life and look. If you have existing siding that needs to be replaced, it is important that we use thermal imaging technology to look for air leaks and gaps in your insulated walls and windows. This technology will allow us to determine if you require an extra layer of insulation to prevent heat loss from escaping.

In most cases as your home ages the R-Value of your exterior walls breaks down allowing the cold air to breach through the walls, this will make your Central Heating and Cooling System work harder and increase your hydro and gas bills. 

Seamless Eaves Trough

Using seamless 5" eaves trough means taking away the unnecessary corner elbows that are prone to leaking over time.

When we install our eaves the corners only have one seam and we inside bracket our eaves every 14-16 Inches to the fascia board providing strength and angled run off to eliminate water damming. As your roofing shingle degrades over time, small particles of roof shingles fall into your eaves this causes excess weight and water back-up.

Note to Customer :

Downspouts should always connect from upper to lower eaves, if you have eaves that are not connected your roofing shingle will discolour and degrade faster.

Peg eaves are prone to pulling away from the fascia board damaging eaves and changing angle of decent.

Designing an appropriate system to adequately remove water run off from your roof deck to your eaves is what Redbear Contractors has been doing for years. Call now for your a free estimate of eave replacement.