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Roof Ice Damming and how to correct it.

With the harsh Canadian weather ice damming can cause major issues to your home. 

Ice damming is formed when warm air from your home rises through poorly insulated attics. This warm air melts the snow pack resting on your roof deck and allows water to run into your eaves. As the eaves are already frozen the water has nowhere to go. It falls over your eaves causing icicles and backs up beneath your roofing shingle.

Preventive Roofing Maintenance

In order to correct ice damming have your home inspected for inadequate insulation (r-value), roof shingles that are worn or cracked and plywood that may contain mould or mildew. 

Having your roof inspected before the warm weather arrives will prevent water from penetrating your attic and causing damage to the interior and exterior soffit, fascia and eaves of your home.

Redbear Home Inspection.

​Call us for a detailed appraisal of your ice damming issues. Our in home assessment will address all potential problems that may occur in roofing shingles, insulation, attic ventilation and more.

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