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Exterior Replacement? We have the Siding and Metal You require.

Now that the weather has changed, it is a great time to have your home evaluated for a replacement. That is why we are giving you the chance to save now until August 1st 2018

Everyone offers a discount but no one has the ability to provide the additional value to sales like we do.

You can choose from the following :

Free Upgrades on Vinyl Siding


$300.00off the price of your new insulation.

Our mission :

To provide customers with the best information on improving their home. Our attention to detail is a benchmark for others to follow. In establishing "quality in workmanship" we use the latest technology to improve the overall shingle performance. Our thermal imaging lets us evaluate air flow and establish wether there are cold walls in your home.

A cold wall will cause your heating bills to rise costing you more. A cold wall will also allow condensation build up between the wall causing mould and mildew to form, damaging wood and rafters.

Our Siding Selection :

Design, colour and overall look is what you desire when purchasing new siding. That is why our detailed catalog of products will guide you in making a informed decision on replacement. Our no pressure approach means you do not have to make a decision right away, just contact us when you are ready.

​The installation process:

Involves working around your schedule to provide a seamless service. Once the job is confirmed we will keep you in the loop. Wind and rain can delay your time slot allocation but we will keep you informed of all changes.

Our Employees and project managers are exceptional when it comes to quality. If you have specific concerns in areas of your home that you feel require attention let us know. Once your old siding is removed we can examine those areas for potential leaks and mould.

Completion :

A project is never complete without a post check inspection. A great looking home can be undermined by a poor clean up. Our project manager will inspect entire area for debris before signing off.

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