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Make the entrance to your home a stand out feature by installing a new door.

Our catalog of designs and features will make your choice easy in selecting a door that will accent and improve your home.

Call our experts for a free evaluation on the cost of replacement.

Our attention to detail in installation will ensure your home has the curb appeal you are looking for and the efficiency to keep weather out.

Window and Door replacement by Redbear Contractors and Company- Kitchener, Waterloo 519-260-0403

Windows can change the whole feel of your home.

A new window installation will reduce heat loss and improve the overall look and feel.

Heat escapes from cracks and seams that open up as a window ages. These cracks also allow cold air to enter your home, making your furnace work harder to satisfy your home temperature setting.

At Redbear we use thermal imaging to test windows for heat loss and recommend changes that will improve the energy efficiency and overall appeal of your home. Let our specialist take you through the process of installation.

Our selection encompasses a whole range of styles an options available to you including :

  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Picture
  • Slider
  • Casement
  • Projected
  • Special shaped windows